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Montana Snowmobile Rental

In Bozeman we love our summers but the motto in winter is “Pray for Snow!”. If you really want to experience Montana in the winter time, a Montana snowmobile rental is a must! Big Boys Toys is Bozeman’s snowmobile headquarters. We’ve got a wide selection of models to choose from whether you’re into touring or mountain climbing, we’ve got it all. Also, we can deliver to most popular areas around Bozeman and Big Sky. Oh… and don’t forget to check out our accessories. We’ve got all the gear you’ll need to stay warm and dry while you’re out exploring Big Sky Country!
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CLICK HERE For a list of authorized Yellowstone snowmobile tour companies.
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Mountain Snowmobile Rentals

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Trail Snowmobile Rentals

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Snowmobile Safety Packages

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Accessories Available for Rent:

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Accessories Available for Rent :

Individual pricing:

  • Coverall Style Snow Suit ($12.00 per day)
  • Snow Jackets ($7.00 per day)
  • Snow Pants/Bibs ($7.00 per day)
  • Snow Boots ($7.00 per day)
  • Goggles ($2.00 per day)
  • Gloves ($2.00 per day)
  • Back Country Safety Kit ($10.00 per day)
  • Avalanche Beacon ($18.00 per day)
  • Avalanche Air Bag ($65.00 per day)
  • *Avalanche air bag not included with rental.

    Lucas Oil | 2-Stroke Oil | Big Boys Toys | Bozeman, MT

    Pick up your 2-stroke oil here!

    Snowmobile Permits Available Here!

    Groomed Trail Permits | Snowmobiling | Big Boys Toys | Bozeman, MT
    Snowmobile Non-Resident Permit | Big Boys Toys | Bozeman, MT

    Click here for snowmobile trail conditions!